Mysteria, ME


pyraclostrobin 80 g/L + tebuconazole 80 g/L + difenoconazole 40 g/L

A microemulsion fungicide with a strong protective and curative effect against leaf diseases of various etiologies, as well as a pronounced physiological effect


  • A new combination of 3 active ingredients of different chemical classes in an innovative formulation
  • A combination protective mechanism: powerful prophylactic effect + "stop effect" + elimination
  • Prevention of secondary contamination
  • A pronounced curative effect at all stages of the disease
  • Improved control of pathogens causing downy mildew, Cercospora spot, Phoma rot
  • Prolonged period of protection
  • Decreased sensitivity of crops to the long-term impact of stress factors: high temperatures, drought, temperature extremes, etc.
  • A pronounced physiological effect: longer life of a green leaf, prolonged period of photosynthetic activity, maximum accumulation of sugars and transfer of nutrients to the developing crop