Primadonna, SE

2.4-D acid /2-ethylhexyl ether/ 200 g/l + florasulam 3.7 g/l

Selective postemergence herbicide of systemic effect intended to control annual and perennial bilobate weeds on cereal crop and maize plantings.



  • highly efficient two-component herbicide to protect spiked cereal crops against a wide range of bilobate weeds;
  • powerful herbicidal effect ensured by synergy of two active ingredients with various mechanisms of action;
  • exterminates malicious, difficult-to-eradicate weeds, such as catch weed, mayweed, Canadian thistle, yellow sow thistle, and others;
  • has a wide range of application timing: from cereal crop tillering stage to evolving into tube;
  • excellent systemic activity of the preparation allows easy and fast (within an hour) penetration into and spread within a weed, while blocking weed growing processes;
  • high rain resistance: precipitation does not affect its efficiency as early as an hour after treatment:
  • selective with regard to all types of cereal crops;
  • no crop rotation limitations;
  • compatible in mixes with gramicides, insecticides, fungicides and growth regulators.