Reper Trio, OD

oil dispersion

clopyralid /2-ethylhexyl ether/ 267g/l + picloram 80g/l+ aminopyralid 17g/l 

 A highly effective three-component postemergence herbicide in oil formulation intended to control dicotyledonous weeds on rape plantings.


  • A wide spectrum of action due to three systemic herbicide components
  • High herbicidal activity due to the highly effective oil formulation and synergism of active ingredients
  • The fastest penetration into tissues of treated weeds and long-term retention of herbicidal properties regardless of weather conditions
  • Highly effective against such hard-to-control weeds as cleavers, chamomile species, knotweed, amaranth, goosefoot, and other tough species
  • Eradication of perennial weeds along with their root system
  • Long-term protective period due to soil activity
  • Wide range of application timing