Bombarda, SC

suspension concentrate

thiamethoxam 130 g/L + imidacloprid 90 g/L + fipronil 60 g/L

The first on the market three-component insecticidal seed protectant for grain crops and potato tubers for the best protection of seedlings from soil-inhabiting and surface pests and long-term protection of crops during vegetation without additional spraying.


  • A new level of insecticidal protection of seeds and seedlings: a strong knockdown effect combined with long-term protection of the rhizosphere and the aerial part of plants
  • Effective impact on larvae of all ages and imagos of soil-inhabiting and surface pests
  • Triple toxic effect for the elimination of resistant populations and in case of high pest population numbers
  • Growth-regulating effect
  • Improved crop protection method by cancelling or reducing the number of insecticidal treatments in the growing period
  • Highest efficacy irrespective of soil and climatic conditions