Polaris, ME


prochloraz 100 g/l + imazalil 25 g/l + tebuconazole 15 g/l

Fungicidal seed treatment intended for pre-planting treatment of cereal seeds.


  • Highly effective at reduced concentration of the active ingredient due to innovative formulation ME
  • Formulation as microemulsion ensures maximum penetration of active ingredients into the seed, and powerful and prolonged protection during vegetation period
  • Wider spectrum of action than that of most seed disinfectants due to combination of three active ingredients
  • Highly efficient for pre-planting treatment of seeds and local soil disinfection
  • Stronger effect against snow mold
  • Bio-activator contained in the preparation has a growth-stimulating action: promotes coleoptiles development and formation of a robust root system
  • Higher resistance to drought and frost