Polaris Quatro, SME

Suspension microemulsion

acetamiprid 150 g/l + prochloraz 100 g/l + tebuconazole 20 g/l + pyraclostrobin 15 g/l

A combination insectofungicidal seed treatment for cereal crop seeds in the innovative formulation


  • Three-in-one: a complex-action product (protection from diseases + protection from pests + physiological effect for the crop)

  • Is effective against the pathogens of snow mould, root rot of various aetiologies, Fusarium blight, Septoria blight

  • Provides effective control of surface and soil-dwelling pests

  • Promotes growth and development of strong and healthy roots

  • Enhances productive tillering and green leaf effect

  • Increases resistance to adverse soil and climatic conditions, including drought

  • Is suitable for all sowing times, including late sowing