Protego Max, ME


prothioconazole 75 g/L + pyraclostrobin 25 g/L + tebuconazole 25 g/L

A three-component fungicidal seed protectant in an innovative formulation for protection of grain crops and getting high yields under conditions of increased risk of diseases


  • Premium class protection ensured by the new, most effective combination of the 3 most active ingredients and innovative formulation
  • Maximum efficacy under conditions of high infection load and long-term protection against pathogens
  • Improved action against pathogens causing Fusarium blight, Septoria spot and diseases of rhizosphere
  • Immunostimulatory effect
  • A pronounced physiological effect: strong sprouts and root system, high tillering index, improved photosynthetic activity
  • High winter hardness and resistance to drought and temperature extremes
  • Maximum yield and high-quality grain