Scarlet, ME


imazalil 100 g/l + tebuconazole 60 g/l

Fungicidal seed treatment intended for pre=planting treatment of cereal, maize, rape, soybean, and sunflower seeds against a wide range of diseases.


  • Highly effective at reduced concentration of the active ingredient due to innovative formulation ME;
  • Wider spectrum of action than that of most seed disinfectants due to combination of two active ingredients;
  • High level of fungicidal activity, including against Helminthosporium and Fusarium root rots, oidium, seed molding, Septoria blight, etc.;
  • Prolonged protective period from seed sprouting to tubing stage and flag stage;
  • Promotes coleoptiles development and formation of a robust root system;
  • Higher resistance to drought and frost;
  • No losses of the preparation during transport and sowing;
  • Mix stability maintained for an unlimited time;
  • Imazalil reducing the risk of resistance.