Shkval, SL

soluble concentrate, soluble liquid

imazapyr 250 g/l

Systemic herbicide of continuous action intended to control annual and perennial cereal and broad-leaved (including tree species) plants at non-agricultural facilities


  • Much more efficient than glyphosate herbicides;
  • Excellent soil activity - 100% control of unwanted vegetation for 2 years;
  • Reliable exterminates herbs, shrubs and trees, including difficult-to-eradicate and quarantine weeds (willow, blackberry, bindweed, Russian centaury, etc.);
  • An innovative way to create protective mineralized strips;
  • May be applied both before weed emergence and over emerged weeds;
  • Unlimited timing of protective measures;
  • No adverse effect from precipitation in an hour after treatment;
  • Quickly penetrates and exterminates plants under a layer of dust and oil;
  • Steadily high efficiency in all regions of Russia with different soil and climatic conditions and species composition of unwanted vegetation.