Titul Trio, CSC

colloidal solution concentrate

tebuconazole 160 g/L + propiconazole 80 g/L + cyproconazole 80 g/L

A three-component fungicide in an innovative formulation with improved fungicidal activity against a complex of diseases in a broad range of crops


  • A new combination of 3 active ingredients provides powerful elimination and preventive action against the widest range of pathogens
  • An innovative colloid formulation ensures maximum manifestation of the target properties of active ingredients
  • Immediate arresting of disease and long-term protection, up to 40 days
  • Reliable protection of crops under conditions of high infection load
  • High efficacy both in case of drought and high humidity
  • Stimulating effect on the development of crops and improved photosynthetic activity
  • Long-term impact on yield quality