Zontran, CSC

colloid solution concentrate

metribuzin 250 g/l

System herbicide in an innovative formulation for controlling a wide range of dicotyledonous and cereal weeds on potatoes, tomatoes, soybeans, chickpeas, winter wheat.


  • Highly effective at reduced concentration of the active ingredient due to innovative formulation CSC;
  • Most efficient herbicide based on metribuzin for potato and tomato protection;
  • High bio-activity at consumption rates of the active ingredient reduced by 1.4 to 1.7 times per ha compared to similar dry metribuzin based preparations;
  • ‘Screening effect" to prevent emergence of weeds:
  • Better penetration into the plant;
  • Reduced pesticide load and cost of treatment;
  • Mix stability;
  • The preparation contains bioactivator;
  • Timely ravage of weeds with Zontran reduces the risk of buck eye rot on potato plantings.