Forpost KL

A rapeseed variety resistant to imidazolinones; hybrid breeding by the All-Russian Research Institute of Oilseeds

The first domestic variety of spring rapeseed resistant to imazamox-based herbicides. Provides high yield and seeds producing high-quality oil and meal. Ensures high performance; is suitable for mechanical harvesting.

Crop:  rapeseed

Producing region: Central (3), Central Black Earth (5), North Caucasus (6), Middle Volga (7), Lower Volga (8), 

North Western (2), Volga & Vyatka Region (4),  Urals (9), Far Eastern (12)

Plant type: erucate-free, low glucosinolate

Maturity group: middle-early

Vegetation period: 89-102 days

Morphological traits:

Leaves: green, medium number of lobes, moderate to high dentation; medium length, medium width, medium leaf stalk

Pod, beak, flower stalk: medium length

Plant height: 89–102 cm

Productivity traits
  • Yielding capacity, dt/ha: 40–45
  • Oil content, %: 45-48
  • Protein content, %: 25.7
  • Glucosinolate content, %: 0,53-0,81
  • 1000-seed weight, g: 3,1-4,4
Resistance to disease
  • lodging and shedding: high
  • to diseases: low damage by Phoma rot, downy mildew, Fusarium, Alternaria leaf mold