Novi Sad (Serbia)


High oleic hybrid

Classic 5-agrotype hybrid

A high oleic hybrid resistant to downy mildew.
The content of oleic acid is more than 85%
Short-season hybrid
The average seeding rate is 50–55 thousand seeds/ha.
The hybrid is resistant to Broomrape races A to E.

Resistant to broomrape (races A to E).

Producing regions:  Lower Volga (8) 

Maturation period: 95-100 days, short-season

Stem height: 150–170 cm (depends on water supply)

Yield potential:  40 cwt/ha

Oil content: 48–50%

Hybrid resistance

To drought: resistant
Stress resistance: high
To diseases: genetically resistant to downy mildew, sunflower rust and sunflower moth

Patent holder: Novi Sad (Serbia)