Euralis Semans


·         High protein content

·         Excellent disease resistance

·         Optimum height of the lower bean attachment

Excellent lodging resistance 

Producing region:  Central Black Earth (5), Middle Volga (7)

Maturation period: I, 000, medium-early.

    The plant is of indeterminant development type, of medium height, from erect to semi-erect. The main stem pubescence is reddish to brownish. The lateral leaf (of the complex leaf) is pointed egg-shaped. The flower is lilac. Seeds of medium size, ball-shaped and flattened, yellow, the cicatrix is yellow. The blossoming time is very early.  
Grade features
  • Vegetation period: 112-115 days
  • Maximum yield during national bench tests: 26.6 dt/ha (Ulyanovsk Region) and 41.2 dt/ha (Kursk Region)
  • Yield in commercial cultivation: 32.1 dt/ha (Dubovitskoye LLC)
  • Weight per 1,000 seeds: 156.2-159.0 g
  • Protein content in seeds: 43.1%, fat content: 24.6-24.9%.
  • Lower bean attachment height: 13.3 to 13.6 cm
  • Plant height: 69.5 to 73.4 cm
Grade resistance
  • To lodging: high  
  • disease resistance: highly resistant to Sclerotinia disease  

Patent holder: Euralis Semans