A hybrid selected by Mazlumov All-Russian Research and Development Agricultural Institute
Single-seeded sterile-base normal-type (N) diploid hybrid

Hybrid type

Single-seeded sterile-base normal-type (N) diploid hybrid    

Yield indicators:

– potential sugar content: 18.4%
– potential yield: 47.6 t/ha
- sugar yield: 8.8 t/ha


   •·root crop shape: oval and conical
   • Root crop embedding into soil: 80–90% 

Producing regions:

Central Black Earth (5), Central (3), Middle Volga (7)

Hybrid disease resistance:

Beet necrotic yellow vein virus
Ramularia leaf spot
Afanomycete rot
Powdery mildew
Root borer
Drought resistance
Premature seeding resistance

Harvesting period: medium