SoyuzSemSvekla new-generation selection hybrid
The root shape is technological, so it makes the root easily extractable from the soil; with low soil pollution rate, it has healthy leaves, stable yield, high juice purity, stability to acid soils and is easy to store

Hybrid type: N-type

Producing regions: Central Black Earth (5)

Vegetation period:  150 days

Harvesting period:  medium

Yield indicators:  

  • potential sugar content: 18,3%  
  • potential yield: 83 t/ha
Hybrid morphological properties:
  • root shape: wide conical
  • leaf rosette shape: intermediate
  • depth of embedding into the soil: 3/4
Hybrid disease resistance:


Ramularia leaf spot

Powdery mildew

Root borer

to weather factors

Drought resistance