RMC 121

A hybrid selected by Mazlumov All-Russian Research and Development Agricultural Institute
Single-seeded sterile-base normal-type (N) diploid hybrid

Hybrid type

Single-seeded sterile-base normal-type (N) diploid hybrid    

Yield and sugar yield

In the Central Black Earth Region, it exceeded the reference standard:
– by 2.8 dt/ha in terms of yield (standard: 436.6 dt/ha)
– by 2.3 dt/ha in terms of sugar collection (standard: 80.1 dt/ha)

in the North Caucasus, it exceeded the standard:
– by 8 dt/ha in terms of yield (standard: 404 dt/ha)
– by 4.3 dt/ha in terms of sugar collection (standard: 76.1 dt/ha) 


• root shape: cylindrical
• root crease depth: medium
• root embedding into the soil: 80–95%

Producing regions:

Central Black Earth (5), North Caucasus (6), Middle Volga (7), Volga and Vyatka (4)

Hybrid resistance

satisfactory.   good     excellent
to cercosporosis
 to powdery mildew
 to root borer
 to root rots


Harvesting periods: