Plant protection products

Korennik, WP

4-(indole-3-yl) butyric acid, 5 g/kg

A growth regulator to promote the root formation of cuttings and seedlings of fruit, soft fruit, citrus, flower, and ornamental plants.
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Kupazh, WG

thifensulfuron-methyl 750 g/kg

A postemergent herbicide to control annual dicotyledonous weeds in soybean and maize. An ideal component of the tank mixtures to enhance the herbicidal effect
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Orthophosphoric acid, acidity indicator, buffer reagents, adjuvant, water.

The preparation is intended to regulate acidity and to improve the quality of water used to prepare working liquids of plant protection products and agrochemicals.
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Lintaplant, SL

MCPA 500 g/l

Selective herbicide of systemic effect intended to control annual dicotyledonous weeds on spiked cereal, potato, flax, pea and other plantings.
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Lokustin, SC

diflubenzuron 125 g/l + imidacloprid 110 g/l

Systemic insecticide against locusts.
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Lornet, SL

clopyralid 500 g/l

Postemergence selective herbicide intended to control various species of sow thistle, chamomile, and pepper plant on cereal crop, sugar beet, common flax, and other plantings.
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Medeya, ME

difenocanazole 50 g/l + flutriafol 30 g/l

Systemic fungicide intended to protect gardens and vineyard against a wide range of diseases.
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Mekar, МE

abamectin 18 g/L

Enteric contact insecto-acaricide for the protection of apple trees from herbivorous mites and apple sucker
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Metamil MC, WG

mancozeb 640 g/kg + metalaxyl 80 g/kg

Contact fungicide of systemic action against potato diseases.
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Mitron, SC

metamitron 700 g/l

Systemic herbicide intended to control multiple species of annual bilobate weeds on beet plantings.
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