Plant protection products

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clomazone 480 g/l

A pre-emergence herbicide with long-term effect in the soil against annual grass weeds and dicotyledonous weeds in rapeseed, sugar beet and soybean crops

bentazone 300 g/L + quizalofop-P-ethyl 45 g/L

Selective systemic contact post-emergence herbicide to combat annual dicotyledons and annual and perennial grass weeds in soybean and pea crops.

gibberellic acids A4, A7 10 g/L

Hormonal-type growth regulator to promote fruit formation, accelerate the growth and ripen apple fruits in intensive gardening systems.

tribenuron-methyl 750 g/kg

Postemergence herbicide of systemic effect intended to control annual bilobate weeds, including those 2.4-D and MCPA resistant weeds on spiked cereal plantings.

dithianon 350 g/L

A special-purpose contact fungicide for control of apple scab

thiamethoxam 600 g/L

Systemic insecticidal for the presowing treatments seeds of cereal seeds and other crops against a complex of soil and surface seedling pests

quizalofop-P-tefuryl 40 g/l

Postemergence herbicide of systemic effect intended to control annual and perennial cereal weeds on cereal crop plantings.

ethephon 480 g/l

The preparation is intended for use as a plant growth regulator and retardant on plantings of cereal and other agricultural crops.

thiram 400 g/L + tebuconazole 25 g/L + azoxystrobin 15 g/L

A three-component contact systemic fungicidal protectant with a partial bactericide effect for treatment of seeds of grain crops, soybeans, peas, and sunflower

quizalofop-P-ethyl 50 g/l + imazamox 38 g/l

Postemergence selective herbicide of systemic effect intended to control annual bilobate weeds, and annual and perennial cereal weeds on sunflower, pea, soybean and chickpea plantings.

Cellulose derivative, auxiliary substances and water.

A natural sticky agent; an adjuvant improving the quality of plant treatment with working liquid and enhancing the effect of insecticides and fungicides.

imazamox 40 g/l+ clopyralid 90 g/l

Innovative herbicide intended to control grass and dicotyledonous weeds on imidazolines-resistant rape/

imidacloprid 200 g/l

Insecticidal seed treatment of systemic action for pre=planting treatment of cereal and sugar beet seeds, potatoes, maize, rape, sunflower, common flax, soybean and other agricultural crops seeds against a wide range of pests.

imidacloprid 200 g/l

Insecticide of systemic effect against a wide range of pests on potato, cucumbers, tomato, sugar beet, cereal crops, pastures.

tribasic copper sulfate 345 g/L

Contact fungicide of preventive action for the professional protection of gardens and vineyards against a range of diseases.

brodifacoum 2 g/l

A rodenticide intended for the preparation of poisoned food bait used to combat various types of rodents on plantings of all crops of open and protected soil, including winter crops, perennial grasses, greenlands, pastures, trees, and bushes, in premises of various purposes and adjacent areas.

benzoic acid 300 g/l

Fungicide with an exceptional physiological effect that prevents mass losses of sugar beetroot crops and potato tubers from decay at the storage facilities and in the field.

cyprodinil 200 g/L

System fungicide for the protection of gardens (apple trees, pear trees) and vineyards against a complex of diseases

Lambda-cyhalothrin 50 g/l

Insecticide against a wide range of pests on agricultural crops.

rimsulfuron 250 g/kg

Selective herbicide of systemic effect intended to control annual and perennial bilobate and cereal weeds on maize and potato plantings.

dimethoate 300g/L+ alfa-cypermethrin 40g/L
Insecticide with acute contact enteric effect for rape protection against pests complex

dimethoate 300 g/l + beta-cypermethrin 40 g/l

Intestinal contact insecticide against pests on plantings of cereal crops, sugar beet, potato and other crops.

triflusulfuron-methyl 120g/L

A highly effective systemic herbicide in oil formulation intended to control a wide range of annual dicotyledonous weeds in sugar beet plantings.

triflusulfuron-methyl 500 g/kg

Postemergence herbicide of systemic effect intended to control annual bilobate weeds on sugar beet plantings

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