Plant protection products


triflusulfuron-methyl 120g/L

A highly effective systemic herbicide in oil formulation intended to control a wide range of annual dicotyledonous weeds in sugar beet plantings.

4-(indole-3-yl) butyric acid, 5 g/kg

A growth regulator to promote the root formation of cuttings and seedlings of fruit, soft fruit, citrus, flower, and ornamental plants.

pyraclostrobin 80 g/L + tebuconazole 80 g/L + difenoconazole 40 g/L

A microemulsion fungicide with a strong protective and curative effect against leaf diseases of various etiologies, as well as a pronounced physiological effect

chlorpyrifos 400 g/L + bifenthrin 20 g/L

A unique insecto-acaricide combination with a strong toxic effect on sugar beet and soybean pests.

prothioconazole 75 g/L + pyraclostrobin 25 g/L + tebuconazole 25 g/L

A three-component fungicidal seed protectant in an innovative formulation for protection of grain crops and getting high yields under conditions of increased risk of diseases

clopyralid 267g/L/ 2-ethylhexyl ester+ picloram 80g/L+ aminopyralid 17g/L 

 A highly effective three-component postemergence herbicide in oil formulation intended to control dicotyledonous weeds on rape plantings.

cyhalofop-butyl 190 g/L+ bispyribac sodium 50 g/L
A highly selective two-component herbicide in oil formulation for rice protection against the most harmful weeds.

Saldo, SL New

6-benzyladenine 20 g/l

Growth regulator of fruit plants (apples, pears) for thinning the ovaries at the early stages of fruit development in intensive gardening systems.

acifluorfen 320 g/L

A postemergent herbicide to control annual dicotyledonous weeds in soybean crops.

tebuconazole 160 g/L + propiconazole 80 g/L + cyproconazole 80 g/L

A three-component fungicide in an innovative formulation with improved fungicidal activity against a complex of diseases in a broad range of crops
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